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Grade Booster Digital+ Autumn 2020 A-Level Economics

Exam technique-focused online course for all A-Level Economics students. Buy full access to this 2020 course and get an automatic FREE upgrade to the 2021 Grade Booster course as soon as it goes live.

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  • 5-10 hours learning time
  • 36 videos, resources and activities

About this course

This online course provides a series of sequenced, guided videos with supporting resource downloads - all with a clear focus on core knowledge and effective exam technique to help maximise performance in mocks, assessments and the final exams.

Who it's for

All students preparing for mock exams, other assessments and the summer exams for A-Level Economics

Course series

Course outline

  • Introduction to the Course
  • Commonly Confused Key Terms
  • More Common Errors
  • Quantitative Skill Errors
  • Interpreting Data Charts
  • Great Diagrams
  • Diagram Errors & Diagram Choice
  • Writing About Diagrams
  • Diagram MCQs
  • How to Use Your Own Examples
  • Real-World Macroeconomics Data
  • Applying Your Own Knowledge
  • Achieving Your AO2 Marks
  • Introduction
  • Planning Answers | Connectives
  • Powerful Analysis
  • Analytical Chains | Introduction to Evaluation
  • The Evaluation Paragraph
  • Ending Your Point
  • Unpicking the Question | Writing a Judgement
  • Upgrading Your Macro Theory (video)
  • Financial Markets - MCQs (video)
  • Understanding Assessment Objectives (video)
  • Theory of the Firm - MCQs (video)
  • Synoptic Thinking (video)
  • Applied Market Structures (video)
  • How to Evaluate in Microeconomics (video)


  • Ruth Tarrant

    Ruth is Subject Lead for Economics at tutor2u and is also a higher experienced teacher, presenter, author and senior examiner.

  • Jon Clark

    Jon is an experienced Economics and Business teacher, author and presenter. Jon also leads tutor2u's innovative work in online teaching and learning.

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