Grade Booster Online AQA A-Level Geography

This online course is designed to support Year 13 students as they prepare for AQA A Level Geography exams.

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About this course

Who it's for

All students taking AQA A-Level Geography exams.

Course series

Grade Booster Online

Course outline

In this section we will introduce you to the course content and show you how to get the most out of Grade Booster. We also provide an overview of the structure of the two papers that you face, and how they are marked.

  • Getting the Most out of Grade Booster
  • Understanding the Assessment Objectives
  • AQA Exam Paper Style

Learn how to unpick the demands of each question and how to plan your answers.

  • Demystifying Command Words
  • Writing an Effective Plan

In this section, we take a close look at how to approach every type of question on the exam papers.

  • Tackling the 4-mark Questions
  • Data Response: the First 6-mark Question
  • 'And Your Own Knowledge' 6- and 9-mark Questions: Part 1
  • 'And Your Own Knowledge' 6- and 9-mark Questions: Part 2
  • Synoptic 9- and 20-mark Questions

A key demand of A Level Geography is the ability to explore connections between different topics and concepts. This section will help you to practise this vital skill.

  • Key Concepts at A-Level
  • Questions that Link Topics

Some topics are harder than others! Revisit some of them in this content-focused section.

  • How Human Activity Changes the Water and Carbon Cycles in the Rainforest
  • Human Intervention in the Carbon Cycle
  • Physical Factors that Determine the Nature of Volcanic Events and Impacts
  • The Nature of Storm Hazards

Test yourself by working through these interactive videos and games, covering everything from quantitative skills to geography in the news.

  • Geography in the News
  • Quantitative Skills Revision Blast
  • Mean, Mode, Median
  • Range and Interquartile Range
  • Standard Deviation
  • Spearman's Rank
  • Chi-Squared


  • Abdurrahman Pérez-McMillan

    Abdurrahman is an experienced teacher and was Head of Geography at two London schools until the end of 2023. As a Geography Consultant for the Harris Federation, he is passionate about excellent Geography teaching and developing pupils into life-long geographers. He is also an examiner, resource developer and CPD presenter, and tweets at @mr_perez5.

  • Alice Griffiths

    Alice has taught Geography over a period of twenty years and worked as an examiner. She is a published author and editor of a wide range of A-Level resources and has also created award-winning, online content for younger students. An occasional presenter at the GA’s annual conference, she was head of department at an 11-18 school until 2020.

  • Brendan Conway

    Brendan has over thirty years’ experience as a teacher of Geography and head of department. He led his current department to become a Geographical Association Centre of Excellence. In addition to being an author of geographical texts and resources, he also works in Initial Teacher Training (ITT), Erasmus Plus projects and supports schools with GIS as an Esri Geomentor.

  • Fiona Hennessey

    Fiona has experience as a Geography Lead in a secondary comprehensive, running dedicated GCSE and A-Level revision courses in both the state and independent sector and training teachers on both the PGCE and SCITT courses. She is passionate about teaching students the links between the human and physical world and has been an examiner for AQA.

  • Kate Otto

    Kate Otto is a Geography Teacher at a large Sixth Form College in Hampshire. She is passionate about delivering excellent geography content that allows students to fully understand topics and become better geographers. Kate is a Chartered Geographer, examiner, and recipient of the Ordnance Survey/RGS (with IBG) award for excellence in geographical teaching at the secondary level.

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