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Catch Up 2021 AQA A-Level Psychology - Approaches

This self-paced online course guides AQA A-Level Psychology students through the entire Approaches topic.

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About this course

AQA A-Level Psychology Catch-Up 2021 is a series of online study programmes designed to support students taking AQA A-Level Psychology in summer 2021.

This Catch-Up course provides students with an opportunity to study the Approaches topic in full, with synoptic applications to topics from Paper 1, Paper 2 and Paper 3. The course is organised into sections, each of which focuses on one Approach, with application to multiple topics on the specification and with a wide range of activities and exam technique advice that will prove invaluable in 2021. Each Week comprises a series of sequenced, guided videos designed and recorded by experienced AQA A-Level Psychology teachers and examiners, supported by interactive revision activities and resource downloads.

Whilst the course is designed to be completed in sequence, it is also ideal as a support resource for “flipped” or “blended” learning throughout the 2020/21 school year and will also be invaluable when students come to revise Approaches for mocks and the real exams.

Who it's for

All students preparing to take AQA A-Level Psychology exams in Summer 2021.

Course series

Course outline

  • The Origins of Psychology - Week Overview
  • The Origins of Psychology as a Science
  • Wundt’s Approach in Psychology
  • Evaluating Wundt’s Approach in Psychology
  • Wundt and the exams
  • The Origins Of Psychology - Exam Gold!
  • Origins of Psychology - Impossible 5 Activity
  • Origins of Psychology - MCQ Activity
  • Behaviourist Approach and Classical Conditioning- Week Overview
  • Behaviourist Approach and Classical Conditioning
  • Applying Classical Conditioning
  • Evaluating Classical Conditioning
  • Assessing Your Knowledge of Classical Conditioning
  • Behaviourist Approach and Classical Conditioning- Exam Gold!
  • Behaviourist Approach - Impossible 5 Activity
  • Behaviourist Approach - Concentration Game Activity
  • Behaviourist Approach and Operant Conditioning- Week Overview
  • Behaviourist Approach and Operant Conditioning
  • Applying Operant Conditioning
  • Evaluating Operant Conditioning
  • Assessing Your Knowledge Of Operant Conditioning
  • Behaviourist Approach and Operant Conditioning- Exam Gold!
  • Operant Conditioning - Match Up Activity
  • Social Learning Theory: Week Overview
  • Social Learning Theory
  • Social Learning Theory – Bandura’s Research
  • Evaluating Social Learning Theory
  • Assessing Your Knowledge of Social Learning Theory
  • Social Learning Theory - Exam Gold!
  • Social Learning Theory - Categorise Activity
  • The Cognitive Approach - Week Overview
  • The Cognitive Approach
  • Schemas and Theoretical Models
  • Application of Skills
  • Evaluating The Cognitive Approach
  • The Cognitive Approach – Exam Gold!
  • Cognitive Approach - Connection Wall Activity
  • Cognitive Approach - Match Up Activity
  • Cognitive Approach - MCQ Activity
  • The Biological Approach - Week Overview
  • The Biological Approach
  • Application of the Biological Approach
  • Evaluating the Biological Approach
  • Assessing Your Understanding
  • The Biological Approach - Exam Gold!
  • Biological Approach - Impossible 5 Activity
  • Biological Approach - MCQ Activity
  • The Psychodynamic Approach - Week Overview
  • The Psychodynamic Approach – Id, Ego And Superego
  • The Psychodynamic Approach – Psychosexual Stages
  • The Psychodynamic Approach – The Role of the Unconcious, Defence Mechanisms
  • Evaluating the Psychodynamic Approach
  • The Psychodynamic Approach- Exam Gold!
  • Psychodynamic Approach - Connection Wall Activity
  • The Humanistic Approach - Week Overview
  • The Humanistic Approach
  • Application of the Humanistic Approach
  • Evaluating The Humanistic Approach
  • Assessing Your Understanding
  • The Humanistic Approach – Exam Gold!
  • Humanist Approach - Clear the Deck Activity
  • Comparison of Approaches - Week Overview
  • Comparison Of Approaches - Part 1
  • Comparison of Approaches - Part 2
  • Comparison of Approaches - Part 3
  • Comparison of Approaches - Part 4
  • Comparison of Approaches - Exam Gold!
  • Comparisons of Approaches - Match Up Activity
  • Consolidation of Approaches - Week Overview
  • Consolidation of Approaches - Part 1
  • Consolidation of Approaches - Part 2
  • Consolidation of Approaches - Part 3
  • Consolidation of Approaches - Part 4
  • Consolidation of Approaches - Exam Gold!


  • Anna Stapleton

    Anna Stapleton is Subject Leader for Psychology at tutor2u. Anna is an experienced psychology teacher and examiner. She has experience of AQA, OCR and IB Psychology.

  • Laura Hastie

    Laura is an experienced Psychology and Sociology lecturer and examiner. After 16 years, Laura is still passionate about trying new strategies and reflecting on how to improve. She has worked as an advanced TLA coach and is currently Deputy Head of a Sixth Form.

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