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Grade Booster Digital+ AQA A-Level Psychology

This self-paced online course is specifically designed to support students as they finalise their studies leading to the AQA A-Level Psychology qualification. The course is designed and delivered by experienced AQA A-Level Psychology teachers and examiners.

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About this course

Who it's for

All students completing their AQA A-Level Psychology qualification.

Course series

Grade Booster Digital+

Course outline

  • How to Use Grade Booster
  • The Structure of the Exam Papers
  • Paper 1: Examiner Feedback and Lessons Learned
  • Paper 2: Examiner Feedback and Lessons Learned
  • Paper 2: Examiner Feedback and Lessons Learned
  • Command Word Challenge
  • AO1 Skills - Knowledge
  • AO2 Skills - Application
  • AO3 Skills - Evaluation and Analysis
  • Get the Right Balance
  • Multiple Choice and Short Answer Questions
  • What is the Difference?
  • How Can We Explain This?
  • What Does it Do?
  • Unpick the Question and Plan!
  • Structuring Evaluation
  • What's the Problem?
  • Building a Line of Argument
  • Give Your Evaluation Points the Wow Factor
  • Diamond Nine
  • Unlocking the Stem and Plan
  • In the News
  • Making Clear and Explicit Links
  • Going Beyond the Stem
  • Be the Examiner
  • Knowledge Recap
  • Putting Research methods into Conetext
  • Design an Investigation
  • Why Would it be Better?
  • Dealing with Quantitative Data
  • What Can We Do with Qualitative Data?
  • Reliability and Validity
  • Social Influence
  • Memory
  • Attachment
  • Psychopathology
  • Approaches in Psychology
  • Biopsychology
  • Knowledge Recap
  • Illustrate the Issue or Debate
  • What's the Debate?
  • Debates Conveyor Belt
  • Using the Debates to Compare Approaches
  • Relationships
  • Gender
  • Cognition and Development
  • Schizophrenia
  • Eating Behaviour
  • Stress
  • Forensics
  • Addiction


  • Anna Stapleton

    Anna Stapleton is Subject Leader for Psychology at tutor2u. Anna is an experienced psychology teacher and examiner. She has experience of AQA, OCR and IB Psychology.

  • Laura Hastie

    Laura is an experienced Psychology and Sociology lecturer and examiner. After 16 years, Laura is still passionate about trying new strategies and reflecting on how to improve. She has worked as an advanced TLA coach and is currently Deputy Head of a Sixth Form.

  • Ashley Pepper

    Ashley is an experienced Psychology teacher, examiner, author and presenter on tutor2u Psychology student workshops and teacher CPD courses

  • Anne Cooper

    Anne is a an experienced A-Level Psychology teacher and senior examiner

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