Skills Booster Employability Skills

The Employability Skills course guides learners through a series of short activities that provide insights, guidance and support on the key skills students will need to succeed at work - now and, most importantly, in the future!

  • 2-4 hours learning time
  • 9 course steps

About this course

Who it's for

All students wanting to gain an understanding of the skills and attributes that will help them succeed at work - now and in the future!

Course series

Skills Booster

Course outline

  • 1. Introduction to Employability Skills
  • 2. Workplaces of Today and Tomorrow
  • 3. Decision Making
  • 4. The Application Process (Part 1)
  • 5. The Application Process (Part 2)
  • 6. Traditional Skills
  • 7. Future Proof Skills (Part 1)
  • 8. Future Proof Skills (Part 2)
  • 9. Being Successful


  • Ruth Tarrant

    Ruth has been Subject Lead in Economics at tutor2u for many years after a career of teaching Economics, Business, Politics and Maths in a range of secondary schools. She is a highly experienced A level Economics Examiner, and also teaches undergraduate Economics on a very part-time basis at the University of Oxford. Ruth is passionate about making economics fun, engaging and accessible for teachers and students.

  • Cathy Williams

    Cathy is an experienced Head of Department and ex-Treasury economist. She is the author of many Tutor2U resources and a regular contributor to Economics Today. Alongside, Cathy sits on the local Young Enterprise Board and specialises in producing and delivering a wide range of careers and work related resources and programmes.

  • Duncan Hall

    Duncan is Subject Lead for Sociology, History and Politics at tutor2u. Duncan is an experienced teacher, writer and senior examiner.

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  • 2-4 hours learning time
  • 9 course steps
  • Designed and delivered by highly experienced presenters
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