Mastering Maths in A-Level Psychology

This self-paced online course walks you through the maths skills that you will need on your A-Level Psychology course, and how you can develop these even further.

  • 3-5 hours learning time
  • 8 videos, resources and activities

About this course

This course helps you nail percentages, ratios, fractions, decimals and the other mathematical skills that you will need on your A-Level Psychology course and beyond. Work through it at your own pace, practice difficult skills and reduce your anxiety around maths with our support and worked examples.

Who it's for

All students studying AQA A-Level Psychology

Course series


Course outline

  • Course Introduction
  • Why is maths important in Psychology?
  • Understanding decimals and percentages
  • Understanding descriptive statistics
  • Understanding ratios
  • Understanding graphs
  • Would you rather?


  • Melissa Higham

    Melissa is a Psychology and Sociology teacher, and also leads courses for English and Culture at Eton College for international students.

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What's included?

  • 3-5 hours learning time
  • 8 videos, interactive resources and activities
  • Designed and delivered by highly experienced presenters
  • Track your progress
  • Device-friendly learning platform

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