Essential BTEC National Business Getting Started & Unit 1 Intro

This short online course provides an essential, highly practical introduction to the BTEC Level 3 National in Business course and helps centres get off to a flying start with Unit 1.

  • 3-5 hours learning time
  • 18 course steps

About this course

This is a new, self-paced CPD course to support all teachers new to the RQF (2016) programme. The course focuses on developing attendee confidence in the planning and delivery of the BTEC National Business Programme.

We have brought together a team of Curriculum Leaders and experienced BTEC National Business teachers to share their experiences of delivering the RQF programme. They discuss the lessons they have learned from delivering the RQF programme and provide practical advice on the planning, implementing, and delivery the BTEC Level 3 National course.

Who it's for

All teachers delivering BTEC National Business

Course series

Essential BTEC National Business

Course outline

This session provides an overview of the RQF BTEC Business qualification -how it is structured and assessed. Drawing on practical advice from a panel of experienced BTEC teachers, you'll explore an Essential To Do List - perfect for run through before starting the course.

  • Course Introduction
  • Qualification Overview
  • The Essential to Do List

In our centre case studies, practitioners provide insights into planning the different qualification sizes, order of delivery, units taught and reasons for their choice. We discuss the lessons learned from running the RQF programme and get top tips for course planning. The centre case studies cover various qualification sizes. Choose the video suitable for you - or watch them all!

  • Introduction to Planning Your Programme
  • Centre Case Study: Planning the Extended Certificate - Holy Cross College
  • Centre Case Study: Planning the Diploma - King Ethelbert School
  • Centre Case Study: Planning a Combined Programme (Extended Certificate & Diploma) - Dukes Academy
  • Centre Case Study: Planning the Extended Diploma - Chelmsford College

This session is all about selecting the right optional units for your programme. Angela Coates (Dukes Academy) provides input on the reasons for her choice of units, order of delivery and offers some specific practical advice for the delivery of two popular optional units: Unit 8 Recruitment and Selection, Unit 16 Visual Merchandising. Farzana Khan (Hertford College) shares her experience of planning the optional units for the Extended Diploma.

  • Introduction to the Optional Units
  • Centre Case Studies on their Optional Units

Victoria Powell (Holy Cross Sixth Form College) delivers this session on successful approaches to tackling the internally assessed units. Victoria looks at the design and management of the assignment brief, provides advice on planning the delivery of the content for the units and suggests ways to embed the essential skills in the teaching and learning of the internally assessed units.

  • Planning the Teaching and Learning for the Internally Assessed Units
  • The Assignment Brief
  • Developing the Essential Skills for the BTEC Nationals In Business

In this session we take a look at Unit 1, Exploring Business. Resources, Ideas and Approaches! We consider successful approaches to planning the delivery of Unit 1, share ideas on how to ensure students are well prepared to tackle the Unit and showcase some of tutor2u’s classic teaching and learning resources to engage learners in the study of Unit 1 - all of which you can download from the files section of the course.

  • Introduction to Unit 1 (Exploring Business) – What You Need to Know
  • Teaching and Learning Ideas & Activities
  • Simon Says - Induction Activity
  • Swipe-It! Demo
  • The Stakeholder Game Demo


  • Michelle Stephenson

    Michelle is a highly experienced teacher and advanced practitioner. Michelle leads the tutor2u Vocational qualification team as well as leading tutor2u's resource and event development across all subjects.

  • Victoria Powell

    Victoria is a highly experienced BTEC and A Level Business teacher. She is a Curriculum Leader at a sixth form college in the North West.

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  • 3-5 hours learning time
  • 18 course steps
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