Essential AQA A-Level Psychology Teaching Memory

This course provides advice, approaches and resources to help teachers deliver the Memory topic for AQA A-Level Psychology.

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About this course

Explore a variety of teaching, learning and assessment strategies to make teaching this topic engaging, effective and student led. This course will explore the different sub-topics within Memory, recommended and suggested delivery and assessment methods, and exam style assessments to use with students.

Who it's for

All teachers of AQA A-Level Psychology

Course series

Essential AQA A-Level Psychology

Course outline

  • Course Introduction
  • Multistore Model of Memory
  • Working Memory Model
  • Long Term Memories
  • Forgetting and Interference
  • Forgetting and Retrieval Failure
  • Eyewitness Testimony and Misleading Information
  • Eyewitness Testimony and Anxiety
  • Improving Eyewitness Testimony


  • Laura Hastie

    Laura is Subject Leader for Psychology here at tutor2u. She is an experienced Psychology and Sociology lecturer. Laura is passionate about trying new strategies and reflecting on how to improve. She has worked as an advanced TLA coach and Deputy Head of Sixth Form.

  • Jess Davies

    Jess has worked as a teacher of psychology for over 15 years and during that time has been a Head of department. In addition, Jess has experience as an examiner for AQA as well as working for Pixl6.

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