Essential A-Level Economics Teaching Year 12 Fiscal Policy

This online course takes a holistic approach to the teaching of Year 12 fiscal policy, recognising that there is no one correct 'linear' path through the course material.

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About this course

It covers the essentials that you need to know before teaching Year 12 fiscal policy including: key topics, common errors and tips for helping students to avoid them, using appropriate language, and building in data / quantitative skills.

Who it's for

It's perfect for brand-new economics teachers, or those returning to the economics classroom, or teachers wanting to approach their teaching in a different way. The course is suitable for teachers of all A-Level awarding bodies.

Course series

Essential A-Level Economics

Course outline

  • Planning your teaching
  • Government spending
  • Taxation
  • Debt and deficit
  • Case Studies


  • Isobel Dawson

    Isobel is an Economics graduate who trained as a Mathematics teacher before becoming and Economics teacher and then leading an Economics department. She is interested in all aspects of Economics pedagogy, but is particularly eager to find effective approaches for students who find studying the subject more challenging.

  • Ruth Tarrant

    Ruth is Subject Lead for Economics at tutor2u and is also a higher experienced teacher, presenter, author and senior examiner.

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