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Catch Up 2021 AQA GCSE Sociology

This online course provides students preparing to take AQA GCSE Sociology exams in summer 2021 with a carefully-structured catch-up study programme to help them study during Year 11 with a good grasp of the most important concepts from Year 10

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  • 30-40 hours learning time
  • 79 videos, resources and activities

About this course

The AQA GCSE Sociology Catch Up 2021 course is organised into a series of "Weeks", each of which focuses on a core topic area from year 10 that is likely to underpin student success in summer 2021.

Starting with key content from the Education topic, then Families and finally Research Methods, each week visits an area of year 10 study through sequenced short videos, interactive resources and exam skills practice.

By carefully working through this Catch Up programme, we hope that students will be able to tackle their year 11 work with greater confidence.

Who it's for

All Year 11 students preparing to take GCSE Sociology exams in summer 2021

Course outline

  • Roles & Functions of Education: Durkheim
  • Roles & Functions of Education: Parsons
  • Roles & Functions of Education: Bowles & Gintis
  • Education Theory: Correspondence Principle Match Up
  • Criticisms of Education
  • Exam Skills
  • Educational Achievement
  • Educational Achievement and Social Class
  • Education Categorise
  • Educational Achievement and Gender
  • Education Connection Wall
  • Educational Achievement and Ethnicity
  • Exam Skills
  • In-School Processes: Introduction
  • Setting and Streaming
  • Stereotypes and Labelling
  • Labelling Concentration Game
  • Pupil Subcultures
  • Subcultures Connection Wall
  • Processes Within Schools Out of Order
  • Exam Skills
  • Functions of the family
  • Marxist views of the family
  • Marxism Match Up
  • Feminist views of the family
  • Criticisms of family life
  • Theories Categorise
  • Exam Skills
  • Introduction to Family Forms
  • Family Forms MCQ
  • Family Forms: Theories' Views
  • Family Forms Match Up
  • Studies & Family Forms
  • Family Forms Concentration Game
  • Factors shaping family forms
  • Family Forms Connection Wall
  • Gender Roles: Introduction
  • Gender Roles Concentration Game
  • Theories' Views: Gender Roles
  • Gender Roles MCQ
  • Studies & Gender Roles
  • Gender Roles Connection Wall
  • Factors That Have Shaped Gender Roles
  • Gender Roles Match Up
  • Changes to the Family
  • Changes to Family Categorise
  • Wilmott and Young
  • Reasons for Changes in Family Life
  • Changes to Family Connection Wall
  • Theoretical Views of Changes to the Family
  • Exam Skills
  • Divorce Rates
  • Reasons for Divorce
  • Impacts of Divorce
  • Theoretical Approaches to Divorce
  • Exam Skills
  • Introduction to Quantitative Methods
  • Experiments
  • Quantitative Surveys
  • Open and Closed Questions File Away
  • Official and Non-Official Statistics
  • Statistics Match Up
  • Exam Skills
  • Introduction to Qualitative Methods
  • Unstructured Interviews
  • Participant Observations
  • Personal and Historical Documents
  • Qualitative Data Connection Wall
  • Exam Skills


  • Craig Gelling

    Craig is an experienced Sociology teacher and examiner and is known as The Sociology Guy on social media. Craig helps design and deliver tutor2u Sociology CPD courses and student exam workshops.

  • Katie Tyler

    Katie is the Head of Social sciences and passionate teacher of sociology in a comprehensive school. Katie is also an experienced sociology examiner of 15 years. She is a regular presenter at tutor2u Sociology events.

  • Duncan Hall

    Duncan is Subject Lead for Sociology, History and Politics at tutor2u. Duncan is an experienced teacher, writer and senior examiner.

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