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All students taking AQA GCSE Sociology

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Course outline

  • What We Can Learn from Past Exams!
  • True or False?

Each paper in your GCSE course includes some multiple choice questions. For this section of the Grade Booster course, practice this style of question for each topic. Loads of practice questions to try: good luck!

  • Families (GCSE) - MCQ Activity
  • Education - MCQ Activity
  • Crime (GCSE) - MCQ Activity
  • Stratification (GCSE) - MCQ Activity
  • Founding Fathers (GCSE) - MCQ Activity
  • Classic Texts: Families
  • Classic Texts: Education
  • Classic Texts: Crime
  • Classic Texts: Stratification
  • Classic Texts: Focus on Research Methods
  • Perspectives (GCSE) - Categorise Activity
  • Sociologists - who said what? (GCSE) - Clear the Deck Activity
  • Classic Texts definitions (GCSE) - Concentration Game Activity
  • Classic Texts (GCSE) - Connection Wall Activity
  • Knowledge Recall
  • Who Am I? (Knowledge & Understanding)
  • Application Skills
  • Types of Evaluation
  • SCALE Evaluations
  • 3 Mark Questions
  • Mini Methods in Context
  • Key Text Questions
  • Item Questions
  • Scrambled Essays - Family & Education
  • Scrambled Essays - Crime & Stratification
  • Paragraph Paramedic
  • Types of Data
  • Questionnaires
  • Interviews
  • Observations
  • Practical, Ethical & Theoretical Issues
  • Life Chances by Group (GCSE) - MCQ Activity
  • Poverty in the UK
  • Crime in the UK
  • The Impact of Covid 19
  • Impact of Covid-19 - Connection Wall Activity
  • Assessment Practice: 3 markers
  • Assessment Practice: 4 markers
  • Assessment Practice: 12 markers
  • Assessment Practice: More essay practice
  • Families - 30 Second Challenge
  • Families (GCSE) - File Away Activity
  • Families (GCSE) - Clear the Deck Activity
  • Families (GCSE) - Connection Wall Activity
  • Education - 30 Second Challenge
  • Education (GCSE) - Categorise Activity
  • Education (GCSE) - Clear the Deck Activity
  • Education (GCSE) - Connection Wall Activity
  • Crime - 30 second challenge
  • Crime (GCSE) - Categorise Activity
  • Crime (GCSE) - Clear the Deck Activity
  • Crime (GCSE) - Connection Wall Activity
  • Stratification - 30 Second Challenge
  • Stratification (GCSE) - Clear the Deck Activity
  • Stratification (GCSE) - Categorise Activity
  • Stratification (GCSE) - Connection Wall Activity
  • Research Methods - 30 Second Challenge
  • Research Methods (GCSE) - Categorise Activity
  • Research Methods (GCSE) - Clear the Deck Activity
  • Research Methods (GCSE) - Connection Wall Activity


  • Vicki Woolven

    Vicki has worked as an experienced Head of Sociology and Geography in a secondary comprehensive. She is passionate about teaching students to understand the issues in contemporary society that affect them and those around them. She has also worked as a senior examiner for many years.

  • Craig Gelling

    Craig is an experienced Sociology teacher and examiner and is known as The Sociology Guy on social media. Craig helps design and deliver tutor2u Sociology CPD courses and student exam workshops.

  • Sarah Butler

    Sarah is an experienced Sociology teacher and examiner who is a regular presenter at tutor2u events.

  • Duncan Hall

    Duncan is Subject Lead for Sociology, History and Politics at tutor2u. Duncan is an experienced teacher, writer and senior examiner.

  • Katie Tyler

    Katie is the Head of Social sciences and passionate teacher of sociology in a comprehensive school. Katie is also an experienced sociology examiner of 15 years. She is a regular presenter at tutor2u Sociology events.

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