Catch Up Online Edexcel A-Level Politics

This self-paced online course provides students taking Edexcel A-Level Politics with a structured catch-up study programme to cover key topics from Year 12.

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  • 30-40 hours learning time
  • 55 course steps

About this course

The course is organised into a series of "Weeks", each of which focuses on a core topic area from year 12.

Starting with key content and topical updates for UK Politics, then UK Government and finally each of the core political ideas topics, each week consists of a variety short videos, interactive resources and exam skills activities.

Through this programme, we hope that students will be able to tackle their final months of preparation for Edexcel A-Level Politics with greater confidence.

Who it's for

All students completing taking Edexcel A-Level Politics

Course series

Catch Up Online

Course outline

  • Introduction to the 2019 General Election
  • General Election 2019 - MCQ Activity
  • The 2019 General Election Results
  • General Election 2019 - Video Quiz Activity
  • Voting Behaviour at the 2019 General Election
  • The Media and the 2019 General Election
  • Electoral Systems and the 2019 General Election
  • Pressure groups, think tanks and lobbyists
  • Pressure Groups, Think Tanks and Lobbyists - Clear the Deck Activity
  • Is there a participation crisis in the UK?
  • UK Politics 2020 Update: Overview
  • Guess Who (2020)? - MCQ Activity
  • Labour Leadership Election 2020 - MCQ Activity
  • Topical Examples - Match Up Activity
  • Extinction Rebellion - MCQ Activity
  • Introduction to the UK Constitution
  • Changes Since 1997
  • Constitutional Reform in the UK - Match Up Activity
  • Devolution
  • Devolution - MCQ Activity
  • What is the UK Parliament?
  • What is Parliament? - MCQ Activity
  • Powers of the Commons
  • House of Commons - Clear the Deck Activity
  • Powers of the Lords
  • Power of the House of Lords - MCQ Activity
  • Parliament & the Executive
  • House of Lords - Clear the Deck Activity
  • UK Government 2020 Update: Overview
  • The Cabinet (2020) - MCQ Activity
  • Prime Minister and the Executive - MCQ Activity
  • Legislative Institutions - Match Up Activity
  • What's the Missing Link (Topical Examples) - MCQ Activity
  • Introduction to Socialism
  • Strands of Socialism
  • Key Debates in Socialism
  • Socialist Key Thinkers
  • Quotes from Socialists - File Away Activity
  • Socialism - MCQ Activity
  • Introduction to Conservatism
  • Introduction to Conservatism - Clear the Deck Activity
  • Human Nature and Organic Society
  • Conservatism and Human Nature - MCQ Activity
  • Pragmatism and Ideology
  • Pragmatism and Tradition - Clear the Deck Activity
  • Paternalism and Libertarianism
  • Paternalism and Libertarianism - MCQ Activity
  • Introduction to Liberalism
  • Introduction to Liberalism - Clear the Deck Activity
  • State & Society
  • Liberalism: The State and Liberal Democracy - MCQ Activity
  • Individualism and Rationalism
  • Individualism - Clear the Deck Activity
  • Equality & Social Justice
  • Liberalism: Equality and Justice - MCQ Activity


  • Duncan Hall

    Duncan is Subject Lead for Sociology, History and Politics at tutor2u. Duncan is an experienced teacher, writer and senior examiner.

  • Clive Owen

    Clive is an experienced Politics teacher, Head of Department and examiner, with a specialism in UK Politics. Outside of teaching he is an avid sports fan and a keen advocate of park runs.

  • Ciara McCombe

    Ciára is the head of Politics in a North West London school and also a passionate History teacher. She is dedicated to equipping students with the political literacy needed to bring about societal change.

  • Chris Wilkinson

    Chris is head of politics at New College Durham and is a senior Politics examiner.

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