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This online course is designed to support Year 13 students taking Edexcel A-Level Politics exams.

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About this course

Who it's for

All students taking Edexcel A-Level Politics exams

Course series

Grade Booster Online

Course outline

  • Welcome to the Grade Booster
  • Report on Exams
  • Evaluation: Get off the fence
  • Analysis: Pairing
  • Evaluation: The Mini Conclusion
  • Introductions
  • Paragraphs: The Politics Panini
  • Conclusions
  • Essay Walk Through (Global)
  • Introduction to Source Questions
  • What Might You be Asked?
  • Essay Technique for Source Questions
  • Try it Yourself
  • Introduction to Ideas Questions
  • How to answer Liberalism questions
  • How to answer Conservatism questions
  • How to answer Socialism questions

Use this section if you study Component 3A (USA)

  • Introduction
  • Comparative Theory
  • What Might You Be Asked?
  • And Finally...
  • Introduction to Comparative Questions
  • Identifying Content
  • Revision & Exam Skills
  • Introduction to Comparative Theory
  • Key Divisions
  • Recent Examples
  • US Presidential Election 2016 - Video Quiz Activity
  • US Presidential Election 2020 - MCQ Activity
  • Voting Behaviour in the 2020 Presidential Election
  • After the Election
  • Introduction
  • The Environment
  • UK Politics Component 1 - MCQ Activity
  • UK Politics Key Terms - Clear the Deck Activity
  • Pressure Groups - Connection Wall Activity
  • UK Politics Component 2 - MCQ Activity
  • Devolution - Connection Wall Activity
  • Global Politics (Big Quiz) - MCQ Activity
  • Paper 1 Advance Info
  • Paper 2 Advance Info
  • Paper 3 (Global) Advance Info
  • Paper 3 (US) Advance Info
  • Pre-Paper 2 Live Q & A


  • Duncan Hall

    Duncan is Subject Lead for Sociology, History and Politics at tutor2u. Duncan is an experienced teacher, writer and senior examiner.

  • Josie Gadsby

    Josie Gadsby is an experienced politics and social sciences teacher. She has a degree in Sociology and Anthropology and a Masters in International Studies and Diplomacy. She has contributed to A Level Politics textbooks and has written a number of articles for A-Level students.

  • Ciara McCombe

    Ciára is the head of Politics in a North West London school and also a passionate History teacher. She is dedicated to equipping students with the political literacy needed to bring about societal change.

  • Clive Owen

    Clive is an experienced Politics teacher, Head of Department and examiner, with a specialism in UK Politics. Outside of teaching he is an avid sports fan and a keen advocate of park runs.

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