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This self-paced, online revision course is designed to help Edexcel GCSE Business students revise effectively and perform well in the two summer exams.

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About this course

This online course provides a comprehensive. self-paced programme of revision to help students prepare for their Edexcel GCSE Business exams. Our tutor2u subject experts explain the requirements of the exam papers and the assessment skills students need to show in their answers. We look at how to best structure responses to the different question types and how answers are marked. The course is also packed with useful revision videos, activities and downloads to support effective revision.

Who it's for

All students taking the Edexcel GCSE Business exams

Course series

Grade Booster Online

Course outline

Session 1 consists of an overview of the Edexcel GCSE exam papers

  • Exam Paper Overview

In Session 2, we explore the assessment skills of knowledge and understanding, application, analysis and evaluation, with lots of techniques and strategies to help develop these all important skills.

  • Introduction to Session 2
  • Knowledge and Understanding
  • Application and Writing in Context
  • Application and Using the Data
  • Analysis
  • Evaluation

In Session 3, we examine the different question types in Edexcel GCSE Business, with lots of advice on structuring your responses to the different questions.

  • Introduction to Session 3
  • Section A - Part 1
  • Section A - Part 2
  • Section B - Part 1
  • Section B - Part 2
  • Section C - Part 1
  • Section C - Part 2

In session 4, we focus on the key quantitative skills, such as percentages and percentage changes, averages, profitability ratios and much much more!

  • Introduction to Session 4 and Quantitative Skills Overview
  • Quantitative Skills Blast 1
  • Quantitative Skills Blast 2
  • Quantitative Skills Blast 3
  • Formula Quiz (GCSE) - Concentration Game Activity

Session 5 consists of further exam and assessment practice for Edexcel GCSE Business students.

  • Introduction to Session 5
  • Assessing Knowledge - MCQs
  • Explain Questions
  • Case Study Questions 1
  • Case Study Questions 2
  • Case Study Questions 3

Session 6 is our revision vault, with lots of revision activities covering core content from both Theme 1 and Theme 2 in the Edexcel GCSE Business specification.

  • Introduction to Session 6
  • Revision Blast 1 - 54321
  • Revision Blast 2 - Bingo
  • Revision Blast 3 - The Dance Off
  • Revision Blast 4 - The Grid
  • Revision Blast 5 - True or False
  • Revision Blast 6 - Theme 1 Bubble Quiz
  • Revision Blast 7 - Theme 2 Bubble Quiz
  • Theme 1 Quiz (GCSE Edexcel) - Clear the Deck Activity
  • Theme 2 Quiz (GCSE Edexcel) - Clear the Deck Activity
  • Edexcel Themes 1 and 2 Mix (GCSE) - MCQ Activity


  • Graham Prior

    Graham is Subject Lead for Business at tutor2u. He is an experienced Business teacher and HOD, a senior examiner, a seasoned presenter and conference speaker and an educational author.

  • Mike Mills

    Mike is an experienced Head of Department, teacher and A-level Business examiner. Mike is also a popular presenter on tutor2u CPD courses and student workshops.

  • Jane Carter

    Jane is an experienced A-Level and GCSE Business teacher.

  • Peter McGinn

    Peter is an experienced Business & Economics HOD, teacher and examiner.

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