Getting Started Introduction to AQA A-Level Economics

This free online course provides all new AQA A-Level Economics students with a useful introduction to the structure of the course, assessment skills and how students are assessed!

  • 1-2 hours learning time
  • 5 videos, resources and activities

About this course

Who it's for

All students starting their AQA A-Level Economics course

Course series

Getting Started

Course outline

Work your way through these four short videos to discover the key things you need to know as you start your AQA A-Level Economics course!

  • Introduction to A-Level Economics
  • Introduction to AQA A-Level Economics (A) course
  • Introduction to Assessment
  • What the Examiners are Looking for - Assessment Objectives
  • Wider Skills required for A-Level Economics


  • Ruth Tarrant

    Ruth is Subject Lead for Economics at tutor2u and is also a higher experienced teacher, presenter, author and senior examiner.

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  • 1-2 hours learning time
  • 5 videos, interactive resources and activities
  • Designed and delivered by highly experienced presenters
  • Track your progress
  • Device-friendly learning platform

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