Essential AQA GCSE Geography Teaching Effective Exam Technique

This online CPD course provides practical advice on how to help AQA GCSE Geography students develop effective exam technique, with particular emphasis on Papers 1 and 2.

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About this course

The course explores the question types and topics across both Papers 1 and 2 with guided videos and resource downloads. Three linked booklets are provided to download, including 30 new practice questions along with sample scripts to mark.

You can also download a student-friendly version of the PowerPoint slides from the 'Files' section, which are ideal to use in your lessons where you want to introduce the different question types and how best to structure responses.

Who it's for

All teachers delivering AQA GCSE Geography

Course series

Essential AQA GCSE Geography

Course outline

In these three videos, the short answer questions (1-4 marks) are examined in detail. Marking exercises are included in the second and third videos in the series.

  • Challenge of the short answer question
  • Assessing short answer questions with confidence
  • Focus on 4-mark questions: suggest and explain

Here the focus is the 6-mark question at GCSE, with advice about teaching strategies in the first and second videos, and marking exercises in the third.

  • Challenge of the 6-mark question
  • Teaching effective responses to 6-mark questions
  • Assessing 6-mark questions with confidence

In this section of this course you'll find a detailed examination of the AO-split in 9-mark questions, suggested teaching strategies to help students improve their extended writing and a range of student scripts to mark.

  • Challenge of the 9-mark question
  • Teaching effective responses to 9-mark questions
  • Assessing 9-mark questions with confidence

In this final video our hosts discuss classroom strategies they use to better prepare students for AQA Geography GCSE examinations.

  • Classroom strategies for exam preparation


  • Vicki Woolven

    Vicki has worked as an experienced Head of Sociology and Geography in a secondary comprehensive. She is passionate about teaching students to understand the issues in contemporary society that affect them and those around them. She has also worked as a senior examiner for many years.

  • Abdurrahman Pérez

    Abdurrahman Pérez is Head of Geography at a school in SW London and is passionate about excellent Geography teaching and developing his pupils into life-long geographers. He is also an examiner, resource developer and CPD presenter.

  • Suzanne Thorne

    Suzanne Thorne is an experienced Head of Geography with over 25 years teaching experience in both state and independent sectors. She has authored teaching resources and articles for AQA Geography GCSE.

  • Alice Griffiths

    Alice Griffiths is Subject Lead for Geography at tutor2u and has taught over a period of almost twenty years. She is a published author and editor of a wide range of A level Geography resources and has created award-winning, online content for younger students.

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