Essential Teaching Sensitive Topics in GCSE Geography

This on demand course provides some key tips for Geography teachers on how to approach teaching sensitive topics at GCSE Geography.

  • 1 hour learning time
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About this course

This on demand CPD course discusses what we mean by sensitive topics within GCSE Geography and offers teachers five tips when teaching controversial content to ensure that they are delivering content with sensitivity.

NB: This course is not attempting to 'decolonise' the geography curriculum - this is a huge area with some fantastic work being done collaboratively by geography teachers across the country - it is merely offering some key things to consider when we are teaching sensitive topics within the classroom.

Who it's for

This short course is suitable for all teachers who deliver GCSE Geography.

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Course outline

In this section Fiona discusses what we mean by sensitive topics within GCSE Geography and why it is so important to handle these with care.

  • Introduction to Sensitive Topics within GCSE Geography

In this section Fiona offers 5 key things to consider when teaching sensitive or controversial topics at GCSE.

  • Tip 1 - Using the Right Vocabulary
  • Tip 2 - The Danger of the Single Story
  • Tip 3 - The Use of Imagery
  • Tip 4 - Using Real Stories
  • Tip 5 - Using Multiple Sources


  • Fiona Sheriff

    Fiona Sheriff is an experienced Head of Geography in Northampton and Co-Head of Education and Outreach for the UK Polar Network. She is a regular speaker for the RGS, a former Fawcett Fellow and has a huge passion for fieldwork

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