Essential A-Level Business Teaching Investment Appraisal

This self-paced online CPD course provides A-Level Business teachers with everything they need to be able to teach investment appraisal effectively.

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About this course

Who it's for

All A-Level Business teachers

Course series

Essential A-Level Business

Course outline

  • Teaching Investment Appraisal CPD - Introduction and Overview
  • What is Investment Appraisal?
  • Payback and Calculating the Payback Period
  • Calculating the Payback Period - Practice Activities
  • Interpreting Payback and the Advantages and Disadvantages of Payback
  • Payback Period Calculation Practice - Calculation Activity
  • Average Rate of Return and Calculating the Average Rate of Return
  • Calculating the Average Rate of Return - Practice Activities
  • Interpreting the Average Rate of Return and the Advantages and Disadvantages of ARR
  • Average Rate of Return Calculation Practice - Calculation Activity
  • Net Present Value and Calculating the Net Present Value
  • Calculating Net Present Value - Practice Activities
  • Interpreting Net Present Value and the Advantages and Disadvantages of NPV
  • Net Present Value/Discounted Cash Flow Practice - Calculation Activity
  • Investment Appraisal Calculation Practice - Calculation Activity
  • Factors Influencing and Affecting Investment Appraisal
  • Teaching Investment Appraisal - Part One
  • Teaching Investment Appraisal - Part Two
  • Teaching Resources


  • Jane Carter

    Jane is an experienced A-Level and GCSE Business teacher.

  • Mike Mills

    Mike is an experienced Head of Department, teacher and A-level Business examiner. Mike is also a popular presenter on tutor2u CPD courses and student workshops.

  • Graham Prior

    Graham is Subject Lead for Business at tutor2u. He is an experienced Business teacher and HOD, a senior examiner, a seasoned presenter and conference speaker and an educational author.

  • Jamie Harrison

    Jamie is a highly experienced Head of Department, A-Level Business teacher and A-Level Business examiner

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